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Videoconferencing is quickly becoming a communication standard for many businesses because of its easy, collaborative use. Companies are putting their trust in video calls, even for sensitive business discussions.

But are your devices protected from uninvited guests?

Security vulnerabilities of video conferencing recently inspired a discussion on LinkedIn (PDF), revealing that the security of these devices may need to be readdressed by the businesses that use them. IT Security professionals in the discussion said that many Cisco and Polycom devices were getting attacked and compromised largely because suppliers weren’t providing even basic security for their devices, such as firewalls. These devices were simply left open to the internet, primed for a hacker attack.

So what can you do about this?

To begin with, make sure that whoever is actually implementing and advising on the system understands exactly what needs to be done to secure your connections (and your business!). According to Pat Montani, leader of the discussion, a whole industry is flourishing as a result of the shortfalls in videoconferencing security.  He doesn’t mince his words: “When will the video conferencing industry learn about security, my guess is never.”

Is this just scaremongering?  Maybe. But customers that invest in video conferencing services and all the devices that go with it need to know how to keep those same devices safe, experts say, especially as  video conferencing is increasingly pervasive throughout the workplace and beyond. Working with a specialist videoconference managed service firm that have demonstrable experience in understanding the security intricacies should be your first port of call.

Don’t rely on device manufacturers alone

One expert noted that video managed service providers who don’t understand the importance of video security will soon be displaced. He also said that customers should know a few things or two about security as well so they aren’t blind-sided by security threats.

Keeping your business communications secure should be paramount for all of us – and they can be -just ensure you wise up and don’t let yourself be caught in the headlights when the CEO comes looking for a sacrificial lamb after a board level video conference was hacked.


Image courtesy of Miria Grunick

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