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Consumerisation of IT

Consumerisation of IT: Consumerisation is a stable neologism that describes the trend for new information technology to emerge first in the consumer market and then spread into business organisations, resulting in the convergence of the IT and consumer electronics industries, and a shift in IT innovation from large businesses to the home. For example, many people now find that their home based IT equipment and services are both more capable and less expensive than what is provided in their workplace. The term, consumerisation, was first popularised by Douglas Neal and John Taylor of CSC's Leading Edge Forum in 2001 and is one of the key drivers of the Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 movements. (Source: Wikipedia)

Business Adoption of Mobile Devices

Section: Research
Some of the most rapid and exciting developments in technology are taking place around mobile devices at the moment. This is in theory presenting CIOs and business stakeholders with some great choices to help optimise the way people work. However, while some might refer to the landscape as being ‘rich and dynamic’, a more pragmatic description for planning and investment purposes would be ‘fragmented and volatile’. Against this background, formulating plans around mobile devi ...   read more

A Value Proposition for IT Security

Section: Research
IT departments are facing three big issues when it comes to protecting the data created and stored on the systems they manage. First, the value of the data is often only realised when it is legitimately shared in some way; second, that sharing is increasingly taking place across public networks and third, the users doing the sharing are doing so on a growing diversity of devices in locations that are convenient to them. Whilst the three issues hel ...   read more

Cloud Definitions, Deployment Considerations & Diversity

Section: Research
This White Paper provides clarity on the language of Cloud Computing, offers a practical description and ordering of the key Cloud terminology in use. It also puts forward the basic, but often unspoken, argument that organisations will need to address an increasingly fragmented notion of how IT is delivered going forward. The constraints of server rooms, DMZ’s, ownership and dedic ...   read more

WLAN Buyer’s Guide 2012-2013

Section: Research
The evaluation of a Wi-Fi network requires that enterprises carefully consider the changes happening in the user population. Factors in the Wi-Fi world today such as consumerization of IT and BYOD are driving the enterprise to deploy a wireless infrastructure. Additionally, three converging trends - cloud, mobility, and virtualization - allow business-critical work to be done just about anywhere on any device. This white paper looks at: K ...   read more

Virtualisation and Consumerisation of IT: Lessons from IT First Movers

Section: Articles
What can we learn from IT leaders who have taken risks in the areas of virtualisation and consumerisation of IT? At the recent InformationWeek 500 conference held in Dana Point, California, IT first movers recently discussed the challenges of balancing risk and reward in these still-developing arenas. Here are some insights gleaned from IT leaders who were quick to move outside traditional IT comfort zones.   read more

Mobility Shapes Consumer Gadget Spending, says Gartner Study

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The consumerisation of IT continues to grow as the latest study from analysts at Gartner has proved. The research has found that household adoption of technology products, which are favouring gadgets and mobile services and those that offer networking capabilities, is shifting faster than expected. This is for the most part due to the way that mobility is shaping consumer behaviour in "fundamental ways”, Gartner say. This is changing the way in which people organise their lives ...   read more

Digital Sales Surpass £1bn in 2012

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The digital sales market surpassed one billion pounds in the UK last year for the first time and is expected to grow further this year as physical sales of film, music and games will continue to fall, according to analysts. The Entertainment Retailer’s Association (ERA), th ...   read more

eCommerce Continues to Grow

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The UK remains one of the top countries in Europe for selling online, according to recent reports. Sales online accounted for 19% of the Annual Business Survey for (ABS) in 2011, up 1% the previous year, according to the office for statistics. ONS's report on E-commerce and ICT activity in 2011 said that website sales accounted for 5% of last year’s turnover, u ...   read more

Gartner Predict Cloud will Drive Wearable Devices

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Research analysts at Gartner have predicted that the evolution from personal computer to cloud will drive "invisible, sensor-enabled devices driven by applications and services”. The changes to consumer’s digital lives have already seen a huge transition from PC to personal cloud and it’s this, Gartner say, that is creating a different and new kind of interaction between consumers and connected services. This means that eventually, consumers will shift from PC complete ...   read more

Gartner Predicts Technology Devices to Total 2.4bn in 2013

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The latest forecast from Gartner predicts that sales of worldwide devices are set to grow by 9% this year, although this will include a significant change in the mix of devices as PC sales continue to decline. 2013 will see 2.4 billion units being shipped and this expected to continue growing through to 2017, when it will total around 2.9bn units. However, the traditional PC market will decline 7.6% as consumers continues to change their spending habits. This is due to ...   read more

IDC Research Shows PC Sales Decline in February

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Researchers at IDC have found that slower than expected growth was experienced in Q1 2013 for PC sales in China, which is the largest PC market in the world. Whilst it’s thought that there were contributing factors to the decline, such as the Chinese New Year, budget cuts and anti-corruption measures, the reduction in growth still came as something of a surprise. It’s thought that the market will recover slightly in March, although not enough to offset a weak February.

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Is 2013 the Year of Video Conferencing?

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Business video devices will spike in 2013, as more businesses of all sizes are warming to the idea that video conferencing can be used as a communications tool in the enterprise, both effectively and efficiently. According to ITProPortal, a recent Canalys UC Market report, this has to some extent been driven by co ...   read more

IT consumerisation puts pressure on business infrastructure

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Businesses are struggling to cope with the increasing consumerisation of IT - particularly when it comes to security and end-user experience. People increasingly expect to be able to access personal Facebook accounts and private webmail services like Gmail while at work, but often IT departments are not consulted.According to new research by Compuware, chief information officers (CIOs) are finding ...   read more

Majority of CIO’s resigned to accepting consumerisation of IT

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Employees increasingly expect to use devices of their own choosing at work.  This trend, known as consumerisation or “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD), is potentially diverting the attention of staff away from IT projects.   According to a survey of 1,500 IT professionals in Europe and North America conducted by Redshift Research for Cisco Systems, 44% of IT managers felt that they were wasting time resolving issues related to employees bringing their own devices ...   read more

Orange take Top Spot for Broadband Complaints

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Ofcom’s latest telecoms and TV report on complaints data has revealed that Orange has been the most complained about provider between July and September 2012. Ofcom’s seventh quarterly report, publishes the latest data concerning the most and least complained about ...   read more

Wearable Tech to take Enterprise by Storm?

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BYOD could soon be adapted to be known as ‘BYOWD’ (Bring Your Own Wearable Device) if wearable devices "take the enterprise by storm”, as predicted will happen by several recent articles. According to Business Insider, the wearable technology market will be worth $12bn by 2018. The BYOD market is already growing at a rapid rate and is expected to show growth from $67.21bn in 2011 to $181.39bn by 2017. In the "developed” world, it’s now thought that around 44% of workers take th ...   read more

ZDNET Identifies 2012’s Technology Trends

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A webcast on what small businesses could expect in 2012 was recently hosted by ZDNET.  A theme of the webcast was that, “we no longer live in one environment,” and the panel agreed that data and communications should be easily moved across platforms, applications and devices.    Two of the anticipated trends reflected this; the expanded use of smartphones with a tremendous variety of applications, and the ability of businesses to move away from deskto ...   read more