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Wainhouse: Wainhouse Research analyzes the market trends, technologies/products, vendors, applications, and related services in the Unified Communications and rich media conferencing fields. (Source:

The Great Video Conferencing Debate: Cost Vs Quality

Section: Research
Free and low cost video conferencing services have widely been adopted by businesses, but there are limitations to the quality and reliability of these ‘consumer’ grade services. Until recently, ‘business grade’ video conferencing was widely considered cost prohibitive.   Recently with new solutions coming onto the market, it is possible for SMBs to experience a higher standard of video conferencing without the quality ...   read more

Dynamic Video Collaboration: Developing the Business Case

Section: Research
Recent new developments in videoconferencing have meant that video communication needs of organisations are being strategically re-aligned. No longer seen as a luxury, video conferencing is becoming a ‘must-have' for commercial success, a view endorsed by respected market observers, Forrester, Wainhouse and Frost & Sullivan. In this light, organisations are now re-examining the business case for deploying pervasive video conferencing as a primary communications tool. Thi ...   read more

Extending secure, high-performance video collaboration to any user, anywhere

Section: Research
Successful organisations depend on enterprise-wide video communications to empower virtual teams. The challenge until now has been how to extend secure, high-quality facilities to vital participants outside the company firewall, including mobile users, business partners and customers. This white paper highlights a transformative new approach to ubiquitous, enterprise-calibre video collaboration beyond the firewall, as embodied by Polycom's CloudAXIS. Crucially, ...   read more

The Increasing Benefits of Video Collaboration to the Enterprise

Section: Articles
Video collboration is by no means a new concept, but it’s one that’s becoming increasingly relevant to modern enterprises in a competitive marketplace. This is not only because faster internet speeds and the advent of the cloud has increased the necessity and ease of collaborative working practice, but it is also being driven by strong mobile and tablet growth. A study carried out earlier in the year by Wainhouse,   read more

The hidden costs of ‘low cost’ video conferencing solutions

Section: Articles
Online video conferencing solutions like Skype, Oovoo, Google Talk and Yahoo! Messenger rose to prominence because they were mostly free (often with some minor fees for added features or certain international calls) and easy to use (often via proprietary downloadable software). These low cost services have been popular with the consumer market, and are widely used by start-ups and SMBs – Skype has over 663 million registered users, with approximately 37% of these estimated to be small b ...   read more