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Remote Working

Remote Working:

Working at a distance from a conventional office, using communication technologies to maintain contact and access work. ( Source )

Cloud Services - Mobile & Remote Working

Section: Research
  Cloud Services, which are IT Solutions and Services delivered and consumed real time over the Internet, have now become an integral part of daily operations for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).   The ‘workplace’ is no longer a fixed location - remote, mobile and flexible working is now co ...   read more

The Great Video Conferencing Debate: Cost Vs Quality

Section: Research
Free and low cost video conferencing services have widely been adopted by businesses, but there are limitations to the quality and reliability of these ‘consumer’ grade services. Until recently, ‘business grade’ video conferencing was widely considered cost prohibitive.   Recently with new solutions coming onto the market, it is possible for SMBs to experience a higher standard of video conferencing without the quality ...   read more

The Evolution of Web Threats - Are your colleagues putting your business at risk?

Section: Research
This presentation was given at an Info Security Magazine webinar in Nov 2009. It looks at how web threats are evolving and what action can be taken.   We must never lose site of the how critical to all businesses the web has become and attempts to control its use should not hamper communications and productivity.   Remote working is common practice across all sectors and the web is key to achieving such work place flexibl ...   read more

Adobe Creative Cloud ‘Broken’

Section: News
Adobe has suspended the file-syncing part of their new Creative Cloud products, in order to make updates following complaints from users who have been unable to connect intermittently over the course of the past week. According to The Register , Adobe report that the problem has been going on since la ...   read more

Android malware could hit mobile workers

Section: News
The amount of malware affecting Google's Android mobile operating system has increased more than fourfold during the third quarter of 2011. The rise could have a hugely negative impact on businesses that have adopted Android devices to boost their mobile working capabilities without considering the cloud security implications. The figur ...   read more

BT expands cloud-based videoconferencing services

Section: News
BT Conferencing has announced it will expand its cloud-based videoconferencing service so that a greater number of devices can be used by global businesses. More than 50,000 conferencing sites around the world are expected to benefit from full global interoperability, bosses at the firm have said. Placeholder0Organisations can now utilise a range of high definition endpoints, including web cameras,   read more

Businesses are adopting smartphones to boost mobile working

Section: News
Many businesses are planning on abandoning traditional phones in favour of integrated mobile technology and video conferencing solutions as they vie to boost read more

Businesses 'want video conferencing to go mobile'

Section: News
Businesses want to extend their unified communications solutions - including video conferencing technologies - to the mobile workforce. According to Andreas Weinhold, vice president of Europe, the Middle East and Africa at LifeSize, the liberation of video conferencing from it ...   read more

Challenges to Home and Remote Working

Section: Articles
The benefits of home and remote working are clear enough: improved work-life balance for employees, increased productivity, reduced stress on environmental resources, and lower overhead business costs. Figure1 highlights the business and IT benefits of home and remote working, so why haven’t more organisations moved to embrace remote-working solutions? Despite substantial advances in the technology needed to support remote working, along with recent developments ...   read more

Cisco: Mobile data encryption 'essential for businesses'

Section: News
Data encryption is essential for businesses adopting mobile working strategies, particularly if firms allow employees to use their own devices, Cisco has claimed. The firm believes that companies should stand firm and make sure their staff adhere to mobile security best practice.Cisco said that current technology does not allow for the easy identification of unique devices connecti ...   read more

Cost savings are pushing firms toward video conferencing

Section: News
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly considering video conferencing solutions because of the cost savings the technology can offer. According to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), as technology evolves - and gets cheaper - the cost of doing things online, like person-to-person communication, falls.A spokesperson for the organisation told Fierce Enterprise Communications: "I think people are starting to do as much as they can online." They added that while the ...   read more

End-users are frustrated by slow IT infrastructure

Section: News
The biggest workplace irritation for many IT end-users is slow, unresponsive computing systems - an issue that is being addressed by an increased uptake of mobile working practices. According to a recent survey conducted by the Work Foundation at Samsung, a poll that covered some 1,500 employees, slow IT systems were found to be a cause for concern for 68 per cent of those quizzed. Placeholder0In particular, staff reported getting frustrated with delays caused by outmoded infra ...   read more

Government backs flexible working project

Section: News
The government has given its backing to a project that will encourage businesses to adopt technology such as video conferencing and cloud computing in order to ease t ...   read more

Guardian adopts Chromebook cloud computing

Section: News
The Guardian News & Media group has adopted 12 Google Chromebooks as it trials cloud computing among its staff on a hardware-as-a-service model. The devices have been issued to editorial staff - including journalists - as a means of accessing and filing news stories through the Google Apps cloud computing environment, reports Computer Weekly. Placeholder0At the core of the Chromebook experience is Gmail and Google Docs, which will allow for remote working on any number of d ...   read more

Harrods completes adoption of Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Section: News
London department store Harrods has become one of the latest firms to implement Microsoft's SharePoint 2010 platform, which it claimed will improve communication between its employees. The roll-out of the collaboration software took four months to complete and it is hoped that the technology will improve processes within the organisation, reports ComputerWorld UK. Placeholder0According to the retailer, the system features "robust security" to ensure it complies wi ...   read more

iPhone overtakes BlackBerry as business phone of choice

Section: News
Apple's iPhone has become the smartphone of choice for businesses pursuing mobile working initiatives. According to iPass, for the first time, remote workers using iPhones outnumber those using BlackBerrys. The firm polled 2,300 of its customers and found that the popularity of Apple's devices has skyrocketed. However, the firm noted that 42 per cent of read more

IT consumerisation puts pressure on business infrastructure

Section: News
Businesses are struggling to cope with the increasing consumerisation of IT - particularly when it comes to security and end-user experience. People increasingly expect to be able to access personal Facebook accounts and private webmail services like Gmail while at work, but often IT departments are not consulted.According to new research by Compuware, chief information officers (CIOs) are finding ...   read more

Microsoft urges businesses to boost mobile working with the cloud

Section: News
Microsoft believes that firms are not being flexible enough when it comes to the adoption of cloud computing solutions and thinks employers are missing an opportunity to boost mobile working as a result. Martin Cullen, sales director of Microsoft Ireland, claimed that   read more

Mobile security 'top priority for lawyers on the move'

Section: News
An increasing number of law firms are adopting mobile working technology - such as smartphones and tablets. But legal representatives are adamant that mobile device security should be made a top priority, so that client confidentiality is not compromised. Placeholder0Speaking to Legal Week, Berwin Leighton Paisner IT director Janet Day said: " read more

Mobile working has put the spotlight on cloud security

Section: News
Businesses need to be acutely aware of the need for cloud security as the proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace means there are many more unique access points to police. According to Phil Codd, managing director and chief markets officer at Software Quality Systems, the huge benefits of the technology oft ...   read more

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