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Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync : Microsoft Lync (formerly Microsoft Office Communicator) and Microsoft Lync for Mac are instant messaging clients used with Microsoft Lync Server or Lync Online available with Microsoft Office 365 and Live@Edu. They are replacements for Windows Messenger which was used with Microsoft Exchange Server.
Both Microsoft Lync and Microsoft Lync for Mac are enterprise software; unlike Windows Live Messenger, they have an expanded feature set that is targeted toward corporate environments.  (Source: Wikipedia)

Key Issues in Deploying Video Collaboration

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With enterprise video moving into the mainstream of business communications, organisations are now faced with the challenge of deploying video collaboration in the workplace. An executive brief from IDC called "Mobile Video Collaboration: The New Business Reality” describes the issues on th ...   read more

The Increasing Benefits of Video Collaboration to the Enterprise

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Video collboration is by no means a new concept, but it’s one that’s becoming increasingly relevant to modern enterprises in a competitive marketplace. This is not only because faster internet speeds and the advent of the cloud has increased the necessity and ease of collaborative working practice, but it is also being driven by strong mobile and tablet growth. A study carried out earlier in the year by Wainhouse,   read more

Video Boosts Collaboration, Builds Stronger Ties in Virtual Teams

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Virtual teams are increasing due to technology advances that enable managers to draw from a global pool in hiring top performers, which Forbes magazine has dubbed Talent As A Service (TAAS) . Many are finding that individual high achievers don’t always mesh well as a team. Differences in culture, process and work s ...   read more

Is 2013 the Year of Video Conferencing?

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Business video devices will spike in 2013, as more businesses of all sizes are warming to the idea that video conferencing can be used as a communications tool in the enterprise, both effectively and efficiently. According to ITProPortal, a recent Canalys UC Market report, this has to some extent been driven by co ...   read more

Microsoft Lync High Priority in 2013, says Ovum

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Microsoft Lync is a high priority target requirement for CIOs this year, according to David Maloney of Ovum research. According to the Ovum report , 45% of enterprises say that they are planning to extend deployment of Lync services in 2013. Whilst results are said to have been mixed so fa ...   read more

Microsoft Starts Lync-Skype Integration

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Microsoft has made a start on integrating Lync 2013 with Skype, according to multiple user reports doing the rounds on social networks and The Next Web news site. The company announced in February that it was to link the tw ...   read more

Unified Communications making In-Roads into Public Sector Organisations

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Public sector organisations, particularly at the local council level, are being increasingly squeezed for funds, and citizen watchdogs are taking a closer look at expenditures on a regular basis. At the same time, these organisations are being called upon to provide more services without increasing tax levies. This Catch-22 need not be an unsolvable problem. Reliable services delivered via the cloud have been delivered, proven and tested at all levels of government, with the end result ...   read more

Weston & Polycom Team up to Host Virtual Seminar

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Unified communications (UC) distributer Weston recently teamed up with vendor Polycom in order to run what Weston describe as "the first European channel event to use video conferencing to a mass audience receiving the broadcast in seven locations.” The virtual seminar was co-hosted by Weston VPs Keith Carter and the convergence department’s David Grant, at the event UC Vision, Video Collab ...   read more