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Cbeyond: Cbeyond provides IT and communications services to small business throughout the United States. The company offers more than 30 productivity-enhancing applications, including local and long-distance voice, broadband Internet, mobile services including BlackBerry® and Android® devices, broadband laptop access, voicemail, email, web hosting, fax-to-email, data backup, file-sharing, virtual private networking and cloud servers.

Backup Solutions for SMBs: Tape vs. the Cloud

Section: Research
Tape backup has been the traditional method for routine backup and archival data storage. The decreasing price of hard disks however, has many businesses switching to disk backup or a combination of tape and disk. But local disk backups suffer from many of the same issues as tape. In addition to high hardware and administration costs, neither tape nor disk will provide disaster recovery unless they are stored off-site. Moving backups off-site increases risks in terms of security and comp ...   read more

Compliance in the Cloud

Section: Research
In mid 2011, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) established a Service Organization Controls (SOC) reporting framework for Cloud Providers. SOC 2 and 3 reports address non-financial controls. These new reports are designed specifically to audit data centre organizations or cloud providers by using uniform criteria relating to IT infrastructure and software. It is important for any company or organization looking to use a cloud provide ...   read more

How Microsoft’s Hyper-V Stands Up Against VMware’s vSphere

Section: Research
Since the debut of the company in 1999, the name VMware has been synonymous with "virtualization”. But just like in any area of business, once the path has been blazed, other companies create their own offerings.   Microsoft’s solution to virtualization, Hyper-V, first appeared in Microsoft Server 2008. Since then Hyper-V has become the primary competitor of VMware and their product vSphere.   The term "virtualization” ha ...   read more

SQL Server 2012

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SQL Server 2012 includes enhancements that enable businesses to manage and understand their data better than ever before. Improved Business Intelligence (BI) tools that empower the end user integrate with well-known interfaces such as a standard web browser, Excel, or SharePoint. In addition to offering improved functionality for users, the intentionally cloud-friendly development and deployment options mean that mission critical databases can be moved or extend ...   read more