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Cloud Industry Forum (CIF)

Cloud Industry Forum (CIF):

The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) was established in 2009 to provide transparency through certification to a Code of Practice for credible online Cloud service providers and to assist end users in determining core information necessary to enable them to adopt these services.

The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), is a company limited by guarantee, and is an industry body that champions and advocates the adoption and use of Cloud-based services by businesses and individuals.

The company supports a credible and certifiable Code of Practice that provides transparency of Cloud services such that consumers can have clarity and confidence in their choice of provider.

A Buyers Guide to Cloud Services

Section: Research
In the UK today over 50 per cent of organisations have formally utilised at least one Cloud service and satisfaction levels relating to that experience grew to an astonishing 96 per cent by the end of 2011. Furthermore, 85 per cent of IT Executives stated that they now formally considered Cloud as a viable option for delivering new IT projects within their wider IT strategy, signalling that the technical model has established a mainstream status among the profession. What ...   read more

Cloud Adoption and Trends for 2012

Section: Research
This paper explores current adoption of practical cloud services across the UK and looks into the levels of adoption across different organisational types; the drivers for adoption; the services being accessed; satisfaction levels and the issues and concerns that impede adoption at times. From this paper the reader should be able to gauge current market readiness and satisfaction levels of cloud service users in the UK and be able to   read more

Cloud Definitions, Deployment Considerations & Diversity

Section: Research
This White Paper provides clarity on the language of Cloud Computing, offers a practical description and ordering of the key Cloud terminology in use. It also puts forward the basic, but often unspoken, argument that organisations will need to address an increasingly fragmented notion of how IT is delivered going forward. The constraints of server rooms, DMZ’s, ownership and dedic ...   read more

Contracting Cloud Services - A Guide to Best Practice

Section: Research
Many similes and metaphors have been used to describe Cloud Services ranging from ‘elastic supply’ to ‘a form of outsourcing’. The challenge in entering any supply contract though is to define and embody in plain words a common understanding, set of expectations and requirements between (normally) two parties committing to a supplier-customer relationship. As with all new markets, there are entrants who are credible, well intentioned, capable an ...   read more

PayPal and AOL to Headline Big Data Congress

Section: News
  The Big Data Congress, due to take place at London’s National Hall Olympia from 26-27 June 2013, has announced some of its key note speakers for this year, which will include representatives from the Royal Mail, PayPal and AOL. The speakers will join more than 300 further delegates who will attend to discuss big data trends, as well as security, strategy and analytics. The Congress  read more