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Forrester Research: Forrester Research is a technology and market research company that provides pragmatic advice to global leaders in business and technology. (Source:

Should Your Email Live In The Cloud? A Comparative Cost Analysis

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When Google launched Google Apps Premier Edition for $50 per user per year, it raised the question, "How much should we be paying for email?” But it’s not just this eye-popping price that should trigger the question about where you should run your email. Instead, every time you have to upgrade, switch, or add users to your email system, you should examine your fully loaded costs and consider the delivery alternatives.   This report presents a spreadshee ...   read more

The Perfect Storm - Why Now is the time for Open Source

Section: Research
Today’s open source is increasingly recognised for its ease of use, high performance and affordability, especially amidst today’s turbulent economic conditions.  According to, 53% of businesses are already using open source. Another 10% plan to deploy in the next 12 months.   In this white paper you will learn: •   Why businesses are increasingly turning towards open source • &nb ...   read more

Dynamic Video Collaboration: Developing the Business Case

Section: Research
Recent new developments in videoconferencing have meant that video communication needs of organisations are being strategically re-aligned. No longer seen as a luxury, video conferencing is becoming a ‘must-have' for commercial success, a view endorsed by respected market observers, Forrester, Wainhouse and Frost & Sullivan. In this light, organisations are now re-examining the business case for deploying pervasive video conferencing as a primary communications tool. Thi ...   read more

Extending the Business Value of Videoconferencing with Microsoft Lync 2013

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Barriers to large-scale adoption of videoconferencing in the enterprise have included complexity, poor workflow integration and lack of flexibility. Solutions must be easy to use and accommodate how and where users work to yield business benefits. This white paper explores the potential impact of Microsoft Lync 2013 as organisations strive to make video communications and collaboration a more pervasive and instinctive part of everyday business.   read more

Converged Infrastructure Perception Doesn’t Match Reality

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Disruptive technologies like converged infrastructure (CI) tend to deliver two things: The reality of dramatic and positive changes to the business model, and an extraordinary amount of hype and misunderstanding. First the reality—converged infrastructure is indeed a game-changer, and succeeds in achieving high levels of energy efficiency, superior manageability, and lower cap-ex as a result of increased density and a smaller footprint requirement. Any enterprise planning a major infrastructure ...   read more

Is your IT budget innovating, or just keeping the lights on?

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Purveyors of information technology, particularly nimble start-ups created by still-idealistic innovators and entrepreneurs, tell us that their new inventions hold great promise for changing the way we do things.   Although that message typically comes from their PR consultants, it nonetheless rings true, and many technological innovations such as cloud computing, virtualisation, and converged infrastructure models do indeed bring about disruptive chang ...   read more

Is Your Network Ready for Cloud Computing?

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The cloud is changing the way that organisations are doing business. Although there are lots of terms being used...SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, private cloud, hybrid cloud, VDI, etc, essentially all are heading down the same path into the cloud. By 2014, according to Cisco, 50% of all workloads will be processed in the cloud and Gartner's study suggests cloud service spending will be 5x overall IT spending by 2015.   read more

Security Threats from Mobile Devices & Smartphones

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As more people gain access to high-tech mobile devices, we have seen a rapid shift in how we supply and interact with mobile content. In this new, always-connected age of mobile devices and smartphones, a new set of security problems and concerns has reared its head, threatening network privacy and integrity, as well as business and personal data. Here we examine the top security threats from today’s mobile devices and smartphones.   Apple iPhone  read more

2013 Poor Year for Enterprise Spending

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2013 will see modest spending on enterprise technology, a report from CNN’s Fortune magazine has predicted. Whilst many in the sector are predicting stronger growth than last year, this is only because 2012 was such "a dismal year”, the report says. As the PC market declines, enterprises will be spending more on cloud services and mobile devices such as tablets and whilst th ...   read more

Cloud Adoption Slowed by Security Concerns

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According to Edward Ferrara of Forrester Research, security concerns are still preventing widespread adoption of cloud, regardless of the model, whether it be SaaS, IaaS or PaaS. However, in response, cloud providers are tightening security controls in order to attract more buyers, many of whom show a very strong interest in the deployment of private cloud. This is due to the "elasticity, reduced cost and cycle times required to deploy solutions in [private cloud] envi ...   read more

Cloud computing 'can cut CO2 by 50%'

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The adoption of cutting-edge cloud computing technologies can help businesses slash their carbon footprints by as much as 50 per cent, according to research from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in London. The study showed that cloud migration at lager firms can also result in vast cost savings as resources are shared much more efficiently. Placeholder0The CDP found the blue chip firms in the UK are pushing ahead with the   read more

Cloud Services and BYOD are transforming Videoconferencing

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New technologies announced by Polycom and Cisco could push the videoconferencing market out of its current stagnation, reports suggest. The former made an announcement in October which Polycom’s CEO Andy Miller called the "most important day in Polycom history". Cisco also announced improvements to its collaboration suite ...   read more

Forrester Criticised for Oracle Report

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A report published by Forrester Research last week has come under heavy criticism from Oracle, after it suggested that most of Oracle’s customers won’t be interested in upgrading to the vendor’s next-generation Fusion Applications. The report said that Ora ...   read more

Forrester’s New Research Book, Digital Disruption, now Available

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Forrester Research has announced the launch of a new book, titled Digital Disruption (Amazon Publishing). The book deals with disruption, a common word in business that many people misunderstand when applied to the digital world. Digital disruption is, according to Forrester, "a force that’s hitting every industry in every region of the world”. It’s more powerful than any other kind of ‘disruption’ as it allows for more ideas and innovat ...   read more

Tablet Fever Will Boost Videoconferencing

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Nobody could have failed to notice the explosion in tablet devices this year, whilst Apple’s iPad remains the market leader at the moment, Kindle Fire, Surface and Nexus are all snapping at Apple’s heels attempting to knock them off their perch. According to new research from Forrester   read more

Tablet Sales Continue to Surge

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The latest data from IDC shows that worldwide tablet sales continue to boom, growing 142.4% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2013. According to the IDC Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker , tablet shipments totalled 49.2m units in the first quarter of the year, more than doubling the amount sold at this time la ...   read more

Tablet Wars Hot Up

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Following the announcement from Microsoft last week that it is to bring out its own tablet computer ‘Surface’, Google has really ensured that the tablet wars are about to hot up with the introduction of its new ‘Nexus’ tablet, announced at the I/O developer conference yesterday in San Francisco. The Nexus 7 is Google’s first entry into what is becoming an ultra-competitive tablet market (or soon will be), although there are a number of Android-based tablets available which have ...   read more