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Tablet PC

Tablet PC: A Tablet PC is a laptop PC equipped with a stylus or a touchscreen. This form factor is intended to offer a more mobile PC; Tablet PCs may be used where notebooks are impractical or unwieldy, or do not provide the needed functionality. (Source: Wikipedia)

Business Adoption of Mobile Devices

Section: Research
Some of the most rapid and exciting developments in technology are taking place around mobile devices at the moment. This is in theory presenting CIOs and business stakeholders with some great choices to help optimise the way people work. However, while some might refer to the landscape as being ‘rich and dynamic’, a more pragmatic description for planning and investment purposes would be ‘fragmented and volatile’. Against this background, formulating plans around mobile devi ...   read more

Virtualisation and Consumerisation of IT: Lessons from IT First Movers

Section: Articles
What can we learn from IT leaders who have taken risks in the areas of virtualisation and consumerisation of IT? At the recent InformationWeek 500 conference held in Dana Point, California, IT first movers recently discussed the challenges of balancing risk and reward in these still-developing arenas. Here are some insights gleaned from IT leaders who were quick to move outside traditional IT comfort zones.   read more

4G Spectrum Auction Kicks Off

Section: News
The 4G spectrum auction has begun accepting bids from seven interested networks competing to acquire the new airwaves necessary to provide the new, superfast mobile broadband technology. Ofcom has announced that bidders include: EE Ltd, HKT (UK), 3G UK, MLL Telecom Ltd, Niche Spectrum Ventures Ltd (subsidiary of BT), Telefonica UK Ltd and Vodafon ...   read more

50% of Mobile Apps Hybrid by 2016, say Gartner

Section: News
According to the latest research from analysts at research firm Gartner, hybrid apps will be used in over 50% of mobile devices by 2016. This is due to the growing use of HTML5-based web apps which unlike native apps, do not have to use multiple versions of an app for different devices. However, HTML5 with offline capabilities haven’t really come up to scratch, causing developers to consider using hybrid architectures. "The BYOD trend and the increased pressure on orga ...   read more

Android Overtakes iOS in Tablet Wars

Section: News
Android tablet devices have surpassed those of iOS according to the latest figures from Gartner, seeing a 68% increase in shipments in 2013, compared to 2012. Apple’s iOS on the other hand saw a decline, giving them just a 36% share of the overall market last year. The growth in Android devices was driven by low-end, smaller screen devices and the entry of more "first-time buyers” into the market. This has given Android a total market share of 62%, according to Gartner analysts. ...   read more

BBM Coming to iPhone and Android

Section: News
The popular Blackberry Messenger (BBM) app will be offered as a download to run on devices running iOS and Android in the summer. It’s thought that initially, the app will offer texts, MMS and group sharing, with further services such as voice and video calling to be rolled out at a later date. The app is expected to be free, both to download and use. "As we’ve chronicled on our Inside BlackBerry ...   read more

Businesses are adopting smartphones to boost mobile working

Section: News
Many businesses are planning on abandoning traditional phones in favour of integrated mobile technology and video conferencing solutions as they vie to boost read more

Cloud and virtualization technology make biggest impact in 2011

Section: News
Cloud computing and virtualization technology have had the biggest positive impact on UK companies in 2011, according to the majority of surveyed chief information officers (CIOs). A new study commissioned by BT Engage IT has indicated that 70 per cent of CIOs felt these developments were the most important to emerge this year.A mere 13 per cent cited mobile devices such as smartp ...   read more

Device shipments rise but PCs still declining, says Gartner

Section: News
The latest forecast from analysts at Gartner predicts that whilst overall global device shipments will grow by 5.9% in 2013, PCs will continue to decline by 10.6%. The research house say that combined devices, PCs, tablets and mobiles, will reach a total of 2.35bn units this year, with sales being driven by tablets, smartphones and to a lesser extent, ultramobiles. PCs, including laptops, are forecast to reach a total of around 305m units, representing a total decline of 10.6% from ...   read more

DRM Doesn’t Stop Piracy, Tor Books Find

Section: News
A little over a year ago, sci-fi imprint Tor Books made the decision to do away with DRM (Digital Rights Management) on all of its UK and US ebook listings. A year on and the publishers have revealed that in that time, there has been little or no discernable increase in piracy for its titles. The decision was made to do away with DRM as the company felt that their particular readership was being hampered by the inability to move books from one device to another. Accord ...   read more

Enterprise Offers Tablet Opportunity for Microsoft

Section: News
New research suggests that enterprise adoption of tablet devices will offer opportunities for both Android and Microsoft, possibly knocking Apple and the iPad off its top perch. J Gold Associates recently carried out a "broad-based” survey of the use of mobile devices and the strategies that will be ...   read more

Enterprises Divided on BYOD

Section: News
A new study from Insight UK has found that opinion is still fiercely divided when it comes to BYOD schemes, with many suggesting that such schemes cause more problems in the workplace than they solve. Insight polled over 200 IT managers and directors in the UK with an average annual tech spend of between £50,000 to £100m, with up to 10,000 employees. Compa ...   read more

Enterprises say No to Windows 8

Section: News
On top of the news this morning that Microsoft has reported its first quarterly loss in its history, a new survey has found that large enterprises are "less than enthusiastic” about the introduction of Windows 8 into their organisations. This could come as something of a blow to Microsoft’s tablet sales when Surface is released in October, as it’s commonly thought that the device is specifically aimed at the enterprise market.   read more

Gartner predicts rise in low-cost cloud computing

Section: News
IT analyst Gartner has predicted that low-cost cloud computing is set grow in popularity over the next three-to-five years. The firm believes that the transition will reset businesses' perceptions of pricing and value in the marketplace.Gartner believes that IT infrastructure outsourcing revenues will be dramatically affected as a result. "The projected $1 trillion (£640 bill ...   read more

Gartner Predicts Technology Devices to Total 2.4bn in 2013

Section: News
The latest forecast from Gartner predicts that sales of worldwide devices are set to grow by 9% this year, although this will include a significant change in the mix of devices as PC sales continue to decline. 2013 will see 2.4 billion units being shipped and this expected to continue growing through to 2017, when it will total around 2.9bn units. However, the traditional PC market will decline 7.6% as consumers continues to change their spending habits. This is due to ...   read more

Gartner: Collaboration Apps will be Available on Most Devices by 2016

Section: News
New predictions from researchers at Gartner have said that by 2016, the average personal cloud will "synchronise and orchestrate at least six different device types”. This means that whilst the current fragmentation of collaboration and productivity tools creates complexity, this is likely to have been overcome by 2016. By this time, most collaboration apps will be equally available across mobile, tablets, desktops and laptop browsers, enabling workers to effectively collaborate ...   read more

Gartner: PC Market Declined 11.7% in Q4 2012

Section: News
The latest figures from analysts Gartner have found that the PC market in Western Europe dropped by 11.7% in the final quarter of 2012, with France seeing the strongest decline in the region. Overall in 2012, the market saw a dip of 8.4% compared to 2011, with total PC shipments for the year reaching 58 million units. In the final quarter of the year, all PC segments, including mobile and desktops, saw a decline in sales. In the corporate sector, decline wasn’t as bad a ...   read more

Global IT Spending to Total $3.8 Trillion in 2013

Section: News
The latest projection for worldwide IT spending from research analysts at Gartner forecasts that 2013 will see a 4.1% increase on the previous year, topping around $3.8 trillion by the end of the year. It’s also thought that the effect of currency will be "less pronounced” this quarter, with the dollar seeing constant growth for an overall rise of 4% for 2013. The quarterly projections from Gartner are recognised as a "leading indicator” of techno ...   read more

Half of World’s Companies will Require BYOD by 2017

Section: News
Approximately half of the world’s companies will require employees to participate in a BYOD scheme by 2017, with businesses no longer supplying devices to workers, analysts at Gartner have predicted. A global survey of CIOs by Gartner’s Executive Programs found that by 2016, 38% of companies said they would stop providing devices to employees, driving the use of mobile users with thier own devices in the workplace upwards. However, some of those asked said they may or may not pr ...   read more

HP Lay-off 2000 more Staff

Section: News
HP has added a further 2000 staff to its redundancy program, making for a total of 29,000 of its workers threatened with job loss. The redundancies are part of the tech company’s restructuring as it looks to invest more heavily in R&D. "The restructuring plan includes both a voluntary early retirement program for eligible US employees and non-voluntary workforce reductions and is expected to result in 29,000 employees exiting the company by the end of that period," HP reve ...   read more

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