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Oracle: Today Oracle is the gold standard for database technology and applications in enterprises throughout the world - the company is the world's leading supplier of information management software and the world's second largest independent software company. And Oracle's complete portfolio of servers, storage, software, and networking products are engineered to work together to deliver record-breaking performance, simplified management, and cost-saving efficiencies. (Source:

Compare Server Virtualization Vendors

Section: Research
This research compares 6 major server virtualization vendors (VMWare, Microsoft, Parallels, Citrix, Oracle and Redhat) on more than 20 important criteria. The comparison will start with generic parameters like company size, market share, etc. Then the document moves onto the core virtualization and integration features which will help identify the vendor’s relevancy to your organisation’s IT architecture and existing setup. The comparison table will then go furt ...   read more

Virtualization Vendors Comparison

Section: Research
This guide will save you time by comparing six Virtualisation vendors side-by-side.  Vendors include VMWare, Microsoft, Novell, Oracle, Citrix and Parallels. The following areas are covered: -  Company Size -  Solution Types -  Flagship Product(s) -  Costs -  Hypervisor -  Scalability -  Extended Management -  Common criteria and security certification -  Pros a ...   read more

Next Generation Datacentres Index

Section: Research
This report details a 9 region research project looking at how well positioned datacentre facilities were to be able to provide a flexible, sustainable platform to support the strategic aims of a business.   The report also creates a set of indices that show how various regions, vertical industries and sizes of organisations are positioned when looking at how well their datacentres can support the organisation dependent on the technology platform. ...   read more

Next Generation Datacentres Research

Section: Research
Following on from the first cycle of research carried out in February 2011, this next generation datacentre research covered 10 regions to identify what progress organisations have made in preparing to adapt to new IT architectures and approaches to computing. In this paper, learn from these research findings that even under highly constrained economic conditions, there has been investment in datacentres that shows distinct benefits to the business. However, m ...   read more

Forrester Criticised for Oracle Report

Section: News
A report published by Forrester Research last week has come under heavy criticism from Oracle, after it suggested that most of Oracle’s customers won’t be interested in upgrading to the vendor’s next-generation Fusion Applications. The report said that Ora ...   read more

It’s Official: Cloud Now Considered ‘Normal’

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According to a recent review by Larry Freeman of ComputerWorld, cloud computing is now considered a ‘normal’ part of life when it comes to technology products in the workplace and indeed, even amongst consumers. Whilst many have scorned the term ‘the cloud’ and called it nothing more than a buzzword for a service that has actually existed for many years, accor ...   read more

Java Still Insecure, Despite Fix

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A fix has been released for Java, following reports last week that the latest version of the software had a vulnerability which could affect any user on any platform and allow hackers to take control of a computer. Oracle released the fix on Sunday in an attempt to patch the security expl ...   read more

Judge Rules Oracle Must Continue to Supply HP

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HP has won the right to force Oracle to continue developing software for its Itanium servers after a judge ruled that Oracle are in breach of contract. This means that the latter will have to continue to produce software for HP’s high-end Intel servers until they cease manufacturing them. "Today’s proposed ruling is a tremendous win for HP and its customers. The Superior Court of the State of California, Santa Clara County, has confirmed the existence of a contract between HP a ...   read more

Microsoft and Oracle Join Forces to Edge Out Rivals

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Microsoft’s cloud computing service, Windows Azure, will support Oracle Corp. software on its platforms, including Java tools, as the two companies join forces to attract businesses moving their software online. Businesses using Azure will be able to run Oracle’s widely used database software, application-connecting middleware and Java programming tools, Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer and Oracle co-President Mark Hurd said in a statement. read more

New Java Zero-day Exploit Discovered

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Yet another Java vulnerability has been discovered which attacks versions Java 7 update 10 and below and is already being used to attack PCs, even if you have a fully up-to-date and patched version of the software. The vulnerability is exploited when users visit an infected website and allows the attacker full access to a machine. This latest attack is just one in what is becoming a long list aimed at the Oracle software and it’s thought that the exploit has been added to   read more

Oracle Acquires Eloqua

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Oracle Corp announced yesterday that it has bought cloud-based marketing automation company Eloqua, for $871m. Oracle reportedly paid $23.50 per share to acquire the company, representing a 31% increase in Eloqua’s share price at closing on Wednesday. The deal is expected to be finalised in the first half of next year "pending regulatory and shareholder approval”. The idea is for Oracle to be able to provide a "Customer Experience Cloud” so that marketers can provide a better ...   read more

SAP Take on Oracle

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European software company SAP AG are planning to buy up cloud-based business commerce network, Ariba Inc. in a deal worth around $4.3bn. Subject to approval, it’s thought that the deal will be finalised somewhere in the third quarter of this year.  The move has sparked speculation that SAP has acquired Ariba in order to make a move on Oracle and strengthen their position in the fast-growing cloud services market.  "The acquisition establishes SAP as the leadi ...   read more

Server Market Decreases in Q2

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According to figures released by IDC last week, the international server factory revenue saw a decrease of 4.8% year on year in the second quarter of this year. This is the third year that has now seen a decline in server shipments and the market "continues to soften”. "Worldwide server revenue declined for the third consecutive quarter in 2Q12 as the market continued working its way through a number of technology transitions impacting customer demand for x86, Unix, and mainfr ...   read more

Virtualization is 'critical to cloud computing'

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Server virtualization is critical to cloud computing of any kind, according to Oracle chief executive officer Larry Ellison. Mr Ellison, speaking at the SuperCluster launch event, claimed that the new technologies were now inextricable, reports Information Week. Placeholder0"Virtualization is critical to cloud computing, private cloud, public cloud, any kind of cloud computing. You take better advantage of your computing resources with a virtual machine," he was repor ...   read more

Welcome to the Data Center of the Future

Section: Articles Video
A datacenter tour created by Cisco in partnership with APC, Emerson, EMC, Oracle, Panduit and VMware  read more