SQL Server and virtualisation 'provide flexible business continuity'

News Article - Wednesday, 18 February 2009 12:30

Category: Security

Virtualisation technology can be used to support core applications including Microsoft SQL Server and Exchange, providing business continuity systems at lower costs, it has been revealed.

Advertising agency Arnold Worldwide has found that such a system is easy-to-use and flexible.

Greg Folsom, senior vice president of information technology at the company, commented: "We can now easily go back to emails that are a year old to research contract information or find missing files. On occasion, this has saved us big money as we located key details of a contract agreement that was stored in a former employee's email."

He went on to say that integrating applications with a virtualisation platform gained the firm a level of control over its data that had previously been lacking, allowing for the adoption of an "ironclad" disaster recovery program.

Last month, IT industry analyst Bloor Research claimed demand for application security products will increase over coming years in line with new legislation and regulations.

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